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LiteSpeed Web Server


Our hosting group hosts all websites on SSD (Solid State Drives) for optimal speed. Lite Speed Server is a combination of our creative web design platform on the Lite Speed Plesk hosting platform. 

Our web design group customizes all pages and graphics to run on these servers for high availability.  Y​our potential clients receive information at lightning speed. Our servers are part of a global high speed cloud network securing your data.

Hosting on  Dedicated IP Address

Our dedicated hosting servers are assigned to single users or companies.  We don't share your assigned IP address. This is ideal for your own dedicated web server. You can assign your own e-mail names to your domain name.  Or you can have 3 third party e-mail links on your website.  

The IP address is assigned to one domain name only and has its own dedicated e-mail server. This e-mail server can operate on its own, or it can be interfaced with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange mail services for companies in the Windows environment.

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