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Our hosting group hosts all websites on SSD for optimal speed. Our Solutioneer Platform is a combination of a creative web design platform on a high speed hosting platform. It allows our web design group to customize all pages and graphics to run on these servers for high availability.  Your potential clients receive information at lightning speed. Our servers are part of a global high speed cloud network which is safe and secure.

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Our shared hosting plans cost less because you share the cost of your website hosting with other users who don't need dedicated e-mail services. This is ideal for users that already have private  e-mail accounts set up.

The IP address that we use for shared hosting never contains more than 5 small websites in the share pool. This keeps the bandwidth high.

Our dedicated hosting plans are assigned to a single user or company.  This plan is ideal for your own dedicated e-mail addresses assigned to your domain name. Users that are assigned on shared plans can upgrade at any time to the dedicated plan.

The IP address is assigned to one domain name only and has its own dedicated e-mail server. This e-mail server can operate on its own, or it can be interfaced with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange mail services.

In addition we have Cloud Flare options available with our hosting services. Cloud Flare caches the website and serves it out placing a very secure layer between Cloud Flare and the protected files on your website. This also insures quick indexing with the search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.  It also helps to prevent DDoS attacks.